Phoenix Rising

I am thrilled to be finishing the last artistic tosharonmartinson-websized.jpguches on the new album. Last fall, I finished recording the 14th track at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco, then hand-delivered the tapes to be mastered for vinyl at Chicago Mastering Studios. This album will be my 4th full-length album, but is my first studio album (the first 2 were recorded at home, and the 3rd was from live shows), and I have so enjoyed working on producing this. I made all the vinyl covers by hand at Dartmouth College's bookarts studio, which has one of the few remaining letterpresses large enough to make something like this. As with Live&Lucky, I'll make every cover for both the vinyl and the CDs with the letterpress. I have procured 1,300 USGS topo maps from the great, square state of WY, and am making the liner notes by hand, using these maps (recycling paper that would have been discarded, but which is beautiful, each one is unique, and gives you a sense of the place where I live). I'll be 'releasing' this album in the most unique way that I can image, so stay tuned!

If it's not for art and for beauty and community, then what is it?

If you wish to be on the short-list to order this album and be part of my new music performance project, Play It Forward, you need to come to a show and talk to me, or contact me directly. Only people whom I speak will be eligible to be part of Play It Forward and to receive Phoenix Rising during 2017. This album will be released to the general public in 2018.

 Check out details on my Tour page as they get finalized. I'll be looking for tips and suggestions on places to play in every state, as well as sponsors for concerts.


"A lovely sound that embraces listeners
simultaneously with the familiar and the new" 



"Instrumental virtuosity
balanced by a breezy, backwoods soul" 


Sharon Martinson is Wyoming's Performer of the Year, and is sponsored, in part by The Wyoming Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Wyoming Humanities Council.